Prepare for headshots? Why is it so important? It’s just a headshot. The answer, your headshot is often your first impression. Your headshot is not just a photograph, it’s your brand. Your Professional Headshot will have a major impact on how other professionals see you and how your clients will see you.

Remember, headshots are about selling your brand. You are not selling fashion, but conveying professionalism and your personality, Here are some initial tips.

  • Your Hair – have your hair styled – keep in mind, that this is a professional photo and your style should depict that.
  • Consider your options for clothing, in most sessions you should bring 2-3 options. Your choices should be neutral colors. Stripes are not recommended. For men, if you’re going to wear a tie, wear a fitted shirt, however a Blazer with an open collar works just as well.
  • Your Glasses should be cleaned and defect-free.
  • Keep Make-up to a minimum
  • Get plenty of rest before your session
  • Be prepared to have fun.

The most important thing to remember is to relax and have fun. Too often, people become nervous about their headshot sessions, A good photographer will guide you through the best posing options to make the experience stress free.

Hair Prep

Your hair should be styled and ready to have your headshot taken. For men, facial hair should be neatly styled and trimmed. nose hairs should be trimmed.


If you want to have several different looks, bring changes to your session. Most Headshot Sessions go very fast, but let your photographer know you would like to have a couple of different looks. For us, we typically don’t have an issue with fitting in special requests. Avoid solid black or white Colors. Medium Tones work best. Keep in mind your Audience when selecting your clothing.


General Rule is to wear as little makeup as possible. It avoids problems relating to lighting highlights on your face., However, no special considerations are needed for the Headshot.


If your wear Glasses, by all means, wear them for your headshots. Simply make sure the lens is clean, and the frames are in good condition. In some cases, we may need to deal with reflections. This depends on the location and lighting conditions, but normally, we have options to deal with that if needed.

Consider all the uses for your headshots and the audience you will target. Your photographer will make suggestions to ensure your photograph sends the right message. In General, these sessions move pretty fast. The Photographer will guide you to create the best look possible. It’s important to remain relaxed, have a good attitude and have fun.