Of late, quite a bit has been spoken of Bitcoin. The pandemic and successive lockdowns have ensured that the progenitor of cryptocurrencies stamps its authority on this planet’s monetary system. For the first time since its inception, the value of Bitcoin crossed $50,000.

So, one thing is clear: if somebody in the present day desires to put their money in the market and multiply it, Bitcoin is their greatest chance. Now, there’s a software, Speedy Edge, developed for the comfort of rookies within the market. This assessment will give readers an thought concerning the software and resolve if it suits their financial requirements.

About Immediate Edge

According to the creators of Immediate Edge, they have designed modern software, particularly for this cryptocurrency trading platform. The software is connected with all the popular international exchanges like Kraken, Binance, Coinbase, etc., and gathers value data for Bitcoins and different cryptocurrencies. The software then processes this data, compares it with the historic profit-making trade conditions, after which generates successful predictions. In accordance with the functionalities available on the user account web page of this platform, the customers can choose the trade parameters like the currency pair, the leverage, the risk profile, etc., and let the auto trading robot execute the trade. Using this option, the purchasers can interact themselves in some other work, while the auto trading robot executes the winning trades when the market situations are profitable and book profits.

What Currency is Used to Back Bitcoin?

Contrary to well-liked opinion, Bitcoin isn’t backed by a physical asset like an everyday asset equivalent to stocks, commodities, and fiat currencies. In actual fact, Bitcoin is backed by a distributed ledger that is available in the public domain. This ledger stores all transactions which can be carried out in the whole Bitcoin system. So, how does it have value? As Bitcoin is rare and has a limited supply (round 21 million tokens), it’s valuable, just like gold.

It should also be known that most people involved within the financial sector believe that Bitcoin has the potential to finish the reign of the US dollar. The US greenback is used as a “federal reserve” by most economies of the world, and with the growing debt on the US government, the trust within the dollar is slowly fading away. And, with pandemic situations, many companies have turned towards digital currencies like Bitcoin. As more and more individuals start to entrust the progenitor of cryptocurrency, it looks all set to displace the greenback from its dominance within the coming decade.

How Does Rapid Work?

For any trader who needs to attempt their fortune within the cryptocurrency market, it is even handed to understand the functionalities of digital currency trading. Several exchanges enable trading in cryptocurrencies, however each deals with different sets of cryptocurrencies and in addition has completely different regulations. So, for a trader to achieve success in crypto trading, it is necessary to choose a trading platform that makes provisions for trading in multiple cryptos and totally different exchanges. Rapid Edge is one trading platform that gives both these advantages to the members. The creators of this trading platform claim that it can scan the worldwide exchanges and recognize the profit-making trade opportunities which can be 98.9% accurate. After the members choose one trade, the software can complete the orders and switch the profits to the trading account.

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