Reflexology relies on the principle that there are completely different areas situated on the feet, arms, and ears, which correspond to different areas in the body. In keeping with reflexologists there are different reflex areas on the feet and fingers which form a body map; an image of the body. Reflexologists manipulate these zones by way of pressure on the premise and imagine this pressure will physically have an effect on completely different areas of the body. While there isn’t any concrete medical proof which supports this idea, practitioners are adamant that they will improve health and wellness by way of pressure points on these areas, and despite the lack of support from the medical community many people have discovered comfort and recovery by this various practice.

Reflexologists declare that they are able to affect “life energy” (known as Qi), open energy pathways and restore energy balance by this treatment. While dealing with a fair amount of criticism from the scientific community, reflexology still holds some standing, especially within the circles of other medicine practitioners. So, we know that reflexology has come under fire lately, but where did this treatment originate and might that probably aid in substantiating reflexologist’s claims, debunking whether this various therapy has historical substance or if it was just formulated by a guy who was looking to make a quick buck and, instead, made a fortune.

Interestingly enough the practices and principles of reflexology can be traced back to historical Chinese and Egyptian civilizations. A practice started within the United States in 1913 when a health care provider by the name of William H. Fitzgerald claimed that by making use of pressure in particular areas he may anesthetise different areas of the body. This thought was developed within the 1930’s by Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist stated that the palms and ft mapped the body by numerous reflexes. It was then that what was known as “zone remedy” was renamed reflexology. Ingham’s findings were then later developed by a girl by then name of Laura Norman who shaped and formed the practice of reflexology into the observe that it is today.

Now that we know the history of this alternative remedy, how does it work? We know that reflexologists claim that different areas on the toes and fingers have an effect on different areas of the body, but let’s delve a little deeper. For instance, in keeping with reflexologists the balls of the toes have an effect on the center and chest space, the information of the toes have an effect on the head; the arch triggers the pancreas and liver, and the heel; the lower back and intestines. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but by making use of pressure to those areas reflexologists believe that they will promote health in organs in the corresponding areas. A proof of the remedy is that these pressure points ship impulses to the brain, releasing chemicals and producing endorphins which fight pain and de-stress the body.

While reflexology does provide stress and pain reduction it can be a particularly stress-free treatment. Indeed, reflexologists do apply firm pressure throughout the treatment, but this being said a reflexology session ought to never be painful. Should you do expertise pain during the remedy be certain that you let your reflexologists know. Your therapist might proceed to apply pressure to those tender areas and the discomfort ought to decrease.

So, although there may be limited evidence to substantiate this different treatment and a possibility of pain during the treatment, so why would anybody attempt reflexology? Because of the outcomes! Despite the substantial opposition from the scientific community reflexology has helped many people with headaches, arthritis, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, stress, digestive problems, and different conditions. The very fact of the matter is; in case you are finding no respite from any considered one of these conditions then why would not you strive it? Each and every individual is different, and while reflexology might not work for your neighbour it might work wonders for you!

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