Why on this planet would you, a home cook, need plastic squeeze bottles? Well, for starters, consider this situation. You’re making lunch al desko, which more usually than not means a simple salad drizzled with olive oil and vinegar. You do not have time to whisk up a vinaigrette in entrance of your keyboard, so it must be as naked-bones as possible. Tragically, you end up pouring out waaaaay an excessive amount of oil, because placing your pointer finger over the spout and trying to lightly dress a salad is mission: impossible. A rush of oil comes out—seemingly in sluggish motion however really really fast—and ruins your salad. It’s now sadder than a Nicholas Sparks movie. But just like finding a stack of 365 old letters, you find this article. And then you discover squeeze bottles.

Bought in bulk, squeeze bottles can be your finest friend. I pick up a 64-oz. jug of extra-virgin olive oil from Costco, pour some in a bottle and label it with masking tape, and then evenly-distribute it over the underside of my skillet for falafel fritters, lightly coat veggies for roasting with ease, and give any finished dish wanting a little glossiness the shine it deserves. But olive oil is just the beginning. I stock up on all the fundamentals—oil, vinegar, and soy sauce are my essentials—and portion them for drizzling.

Eating places usually do this for ketchup and mustard (in red and yellow bottles, respectively) but, but there are few condiments I wouldn’t decant right into a squeeze bottle. Honestly, my favorite way to make use of them is for ingredients sold in dramatically in a different way-sized vessels—like olive, grapeseed, and sesame oil—and want to be able to put them in uniform (and clearly labeled!) containers. (If you happen to could not inform, I’m kind of really into organization.) I additionally love loading them up with homemade sauces like sriracha mayonnaise or green tahini and using them for drizzling and/or fancy, restaurant-fashion plating at home. It is a powerful way to make totally different flavors of brunch drinks for a party, like peach, raspberry, or strawberry champagne cocktails, or keeping myself from dumping loads of maple syrup on pancakes. (You could possibly use them to make pancake art too, if you’re feeling fancy.)

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